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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Abdominal Separation *Update*

Hey Ladies,
First off how are you getting along with this time change? I don't think I'm doing too well with it, I've been going to bed early but still feel exhausted when I wake up. Hopefully my body will adjust by next week:).

So last time I mentioned abdominal separation I had just started working on ways to correct it or at least make it a little better. I believe my separation occurred three years ago after my c-section and since then I had not done anything to correct it until January of this year. I tried using a belly wrap and simple abdominal exercises to force the muscles back together and that seemed to make a little difference. In the middle of February I got a little frustrated with the whole thing so I just did my workouts without the wrap for about a week and of course nothing changed. Last week I did notice my gap got smaller and I'm attributing this change to all the core work in yoga that doesn't involve crunches. I'm not the hugest yoga fan well now I'm starting to jump on the bandwagon though. My separation is not nearly as bad as it was in January and I felt the biggest change after incorporating yoga into my workouts. I recently have read that practicing prenatal yoga can ward off abdominal separation. I know it hasn't completely mended my separation but I've seen a huge improvement. I think if you are suffering from abdominal separation practicing yoga can really help. In yoga there is so much core work that works your entire core not just your abs that your entire body benefits too. I'm hoping to keep seeing the gap close and things to get more toned. We'll see what the next 3 months brings.
Let me know if you practice yoga or Pilates and what benefits you have seen from it.

*I do yoga in accordance with my P90X classic schedule, which usually breaks down to once a week but I have been adding it in twice a week for the benefits on my mind and abs lol*


  1. Does this seperation only occur after a c section or any birth?

  2. It can occur after any birth, operation where they would go through your abdomen, and improper form during exercise. Lots of different ways you can get this separation. Some ladies that have C-sections don't have a separation.