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Monday, January 28, 2013

Five Things

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I was born in Neptune. (New Jersey)
We only lived there about 6 months after I was born so I call Alabama my home.

2. When I was little I never knew I was Mexican.
When I was a kid the other kids would ask me why I was brown and not white like they were and I would say because I go outside a lot which may have been partly true but really I'm just Mexican.

3. My P.E. coach always said short kids couldn't run like tall kids? Hmm say what Mrs. P.E. teacher? So I never tried to be a runner. I opted for golf!

4. Growing up we had a cat named Lucky that I named after a dog and my cat wasn't very lucky after all.  He was chased down and bitten by my dog who tried to eat him but only got his foot. My kitty had to have surgery to repair his little foot but don't worry he lived to be 17 years old with all his feet intact.

5. Quick Math still gives me trouble. My husband is awesome with quick math but I say give me the calculator it's just not my thing. I'm ok with advanced math like calculus ha.

Well there is my 5 things I hope you'll share some things too!