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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

About Me

My History:
I've been "dieting" most of my life since I was an over weight child. My dieting adventures began when I was 6. My pediatrician advised my parents to put me on a low fat, low calorie diet after I had gained a substantial amount of weight out of no where. I really never could stick with the dieting thing. I was so young and all my friends were eating so many yummy things that I couldn't have and it was so hard. When I was in 7th grade the Atkins diet hit the health world and I jumped on it. It turned out to really work for me and I stayed with it for a long time until I was about 16 and went out a lot with friends and had a job. The weight really never came back until pregnancy.  In my pregnancy I gained 70 pounds and it was a difficult pregnancy.  I was on bed rest for nearly 4 months and my blood pressure was stroke level. After the baby I turned again to low carb living. It was much harder to get the weight off the second time.  November 2011 I found Maria Emmerich a nutritionist and low carb, gluten free, sugar free food blogger and my next chapter in weight loss began. I'm so happy to be able to both share my thoughts, opinions and amateur knowledge of health and fitness.

I hope this new blog will add a new dynamic to FitMom. I felt like there is only so much you can share on a facebook group page.  Additionally, if you would like to contribute a blog post please let me know. I would love to have a few of you share your experiences, thoughts and opinions.

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