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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Originally I was going to write a post on my favorite things. I always love seeing what things and products others are loving. Then as I was drinking my morning coffee I realized I was craving the weirdest things for breakfast: Avocado? and Flaxseed Waffles?  not together and no there is no pregnancy in my foreseeable future.  My conclusion was I NEED Omega-3's in my life.  I used to eat a lot more flaxseed and then I got kinda tired of it so I hadn't eaten it for a month or so and I hadn't taken my Omega-3 fish oil vitamin either.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any avocado so I'll have to pick up a couple when I go to the store.  I did however make wonderful Flaxseed waffles that fulfilled my craving.  I also made some egg cups because I saw a picture of them on Pinterest and thought I needed to try them to see if they came out as delicious as they sounded.  They actually came out more amazing than I thought.  Next time I make them I'm going to top them with mushrooms, onion, green pepper, and diced tomato but today my fridge is kinda low on all the veggies.

1. We had a busy weekend with Evelyn's birthday!
2. Constancy in working out makes the biggest difference.
3. Coconut Oil is healing my skin and making my eyelashes grow (I can't prove my eye lashes are longer and thicker but they sure look it.)
4. I never announced the Feb. giveaway still deciding if I am going to for this month.
5. Evelyn wants to show her favorite things too.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy *sad for mom* Birthday!

Today is a great day but also a little sad as I realize that my little girl is one year older.  I never really imagined myself as a mom or having a little girl that would completely be my life.  She is an amazing little person with such a big, bubbly personality and I am lucky to be her mom.  We get to know each other a little more everyday and she has gotten so independent but at the same time still needs her mommy and daddy!

You know the funny thing about babies is that they really aren't babies that long.  It's like they are born you take a nap and they are going to school. Then before you know it they are leaving you. Now I know my daughter is only turning 3 but seriously the last 3 years have gone by so fast.  In the newborn days when you have a hard day you think wow will this ever pass? Well it does and then the next phase starts.  This new phase, the "preschool phase" is going to be simply amazing.  I can't wait to see her grow over the next year.  
Happy Birthday Evelyn! I love you! 

Newborn, Feb 15, 2010 1:38P.M.  6lbs 5oz 

1 Year Old 

2 Years Old 

3 Years Old 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Week

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I have been a little MIA lately.  Last week was probably one of the worst weeks in our house in terms of sickness.  Since we have had Evelyn she has never really been all that sick until last week when she got the stomach virus! It was actually pretty bad for everyone since we all got it.  After taking a few days to recuperate, I started back to my P90X, it is addicting, no?  I think it is, I enjoy it so much and I think about it when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed at night, ok maybe not that much but I do think about it a lot. I actually  have noticed some results in the nearly 3 weeks I have been doing it.  My waist is down another inch and I'm noticing way more muscle definition. My calves which tone up pretty fast are looking nice just in time for the warmer weather.  Do any of you notice you have one calf bigger than the other? My left calf is bigger than my right. Isn't that weird? I think so, I only notice it when I wear my tall boots though.

It's Sunday and you know what that means....THE WALKING DEAD is BACK!! I have mapped out my Sunday night TV schedule because Downton Abbey also comes on tonight.  I'm such a nerd but I feel like I must watch all my shows on the night they come out or it just isn't the same. Do you do this? or do you just stream everything later?  We do stream quite a few shows mainly ones that come on in the UK like Sherlock.  Have you seen Sherlock? It is really good I believe it is on Netflix if you have that.  We watch it on Amazon and it is good. I hear they are going to have a 3rd season YAY!

Oh I don't think I have mentioned this before but I have cut out a lot of dairy in my life and Oh it feels so good. My stomach just feels better all around but I do miss cheese.  I was having a lot of problems with my tummy when I consumed greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, and heavy whipping cream.  I have had a dairy intolerance for awhile but only to milk and ice cream other forms of dairy didn't seem to bother me but then last month when I was consuming a bit more than usual of the dairy products I started noticing my stomach hurting more and frequent headaches.  I decided to try to limit my dairy to only my teaspoon of half and half in my morning coffee that doesn't seem to bother me.  Anyway we shall see how it goes.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sickness and in Health

Wow! To say I am ready for this week to be over is a complete understatement! This weekend we had family in town and unfortunately almost all of us got the stomach virus which I am sure I have talked about enough on my facebook page and today seems like it is just starting all over again with my daughter. However, after days of not doing P90X to recover I am determined to get it done today.  I went to Target yesterday to get  some birthday invitations for my daughter's birthday party and I found some really cute day planners for $3.98, Perfection!  I think it will be really good to keep track of what my P90X schedule because last week I got mixed up and did one of the workouts on the wrong day which I am sure doesn't matter TOO much but I just want to keep track of it.  Since the calendar days have ample space for writing I also wanted to keep my measurements in there for the month.  I think this will be the best way to track my progress.  In high school I was absolutely terrible with day planners, I wasn't that girl with all the cute binders and neatly organized papers.  I usually stuffed all my papers in my book and by 3 weeks into school I had stopped using that planner and it was in my backpack somewhere. I'm hoping since I am much more organized now that I can keep up with this new method of tracking workouts. We will see!

Also, while I was at Target I picked up some new tea.  Do you drink teas? I absolutely love them and I really think that if you can get supplements through a tea it limits how many vitamins you have to buy.  I am a huge supporter of vitamins and supplement timing,  getting the vitamins in at the right times to get maximum benefit, but also drinking an herbal wellness tea can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.  Yesterday, I bought Celestial Seasonings Sleepy-time Wellness Tea,  I had another brand of wellness tea but it wasn't combined with sleepy-time.  I wanted to try this tea to see if I liked it better than the previous one.  Drinking this tea about 30-45 minutes before bed was so relaxing.  During the day I will sip on green tea, sometimes a spicy chai tea (not a chai tea latte), and chamomile. I am always in search of new teas so if you have any recommendations let me know!

My new day planner I bought at Target for $3.98! They had a lot of different patterns but I love cream and gold together and of course stripes!