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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday, Friday!

Hey Ladies,
How was your week? Mine has been good, just busy so I haven't been able to post as much.  In the Spring my business gets really busy with e-mails and clients.  Wedding Season is nearly upon  us and brides are looking for a makeup artist so there I am doing three consults on one weekend but really that is ok with me! I love working with lovely brides and ladies with their makeup.

Anyway, with this being week SIX of P90X I decided I needed to up my weights and go harder well you know mind over matter so that is what I did.  It actually helps so much to say by this week I want to be lifting two pounds more than before.  Even though two pounds more doesn't seem like a lot it is challenging and I think I needed that.  I love to challenge myself and give myself new goals my fitness journey is really never over.  I'm still finding ways of improving and challenging myself more plus I really want some nice arms, glamour muscles! Eventually, the warm weather will get here and I will want to wear all my sleeveless tops and not feel self-conscious.  To me it is completely worth the pain to get results, I hope the pain actually doesn't go away because it reassures me  that I am making progress and all the puddles of sweat say I'm burning calories.  ALSO this week I put up my pull up bar...YAY! I was using bands before but now I actually get to do real pull ups...with a chair (the modified way).  IF TONY doesn't care than neither do I.  I got some new kicks as well, maybe you don't know this but I am a huge thrift store junkie, and while I was looking around I stumbled across some shoes I thought would work for me.  They were new and never been used so I picked them up for $5.  They are great jumping shoes so plyo should be easier now.  We'll see how those work for me.

I hope you guys are getting your mind right, getting in your daily exercise and eating as planned.  I know I am really doing well and feeling great too! This goes for the preggos too, don't let yourself go completely just because you growing a baby hehe. I made that 80 pound mistake once and I will never do that again. <3 you all

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