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Saturday, January 19, 2013


On Friday, I picked up P90X from a lady that was selling the complete system for $10 on a Facebook yard sale page! It was a really great deal considering P90X retails for $140 on Amazon!! Whhhaaat?!? Anyway I'm so excited and I can't wait to try it. Since this series is notoriously very difficult I think I'll form my plan of attack over the weekend. I want to make sure I don't burn myself out but also get the quality workout that I'm used to. I read an article recently that explained how to incorporate P90x into your workout routine. It makes you go a little more slowly but you are more likely to stay with the program. I know I'll be updating all of you on my progress and probably be giving mini reviews as I get more into the workouts. If you have the series and want to do it with me please let me know. We'll stay motivated together!  Happy Saturday!

Peace, Love, and baked chicken?
(Wow! I'm a dork)

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