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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Originally I was going to write a post on my favorite things. I always love seeing what things and products others are loving. Then as I was drinking my morning coffee I realized I was craving the weirdest things for breakfast: Avocado? and Flaxseed Waffles?  not together and no there is no pregnancy in my foreseeable future.  My conclusion was I NEED Omega-3's in my life.  I used to eat a lot more flaxseed and then I got kinda tired of it so I hadn't eaten it for a month or so and I hadn't taken my Omega-3 fish oil vitamin either.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any avocado so I'll have to pick up a couple when I go to the store.  I did however make wonderful Flaxseed waffles that fulfilled my craving.  I also made some egg cups because I saw a picture of them on Pinterest and thought I needed to try them to see if they came out as delicious as they sounded.  They actually came out more amazing than I thought.  Next time I make them I'm going to top them with mushrooms, onion, green pepper, and diced tomato but today my fridge is kinda low on all the veggies.

1. We had a busy weekend with Evelyn's birthday!
2. Constancy in working out makes the biggest difference.
3. Coconut Oil is healing my skin and making my eyelashes grow (I can't prove my eye lashes are longer and thicker but they sure look it.)
4. I never announced the Feb. giveaway still deciding if I am going to for this month.
5. Evelyn wants to show her favorite things too.

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