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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sickness and in Health

Wow! To say I am ready for this week to be over is a complete understatement! This weekend we had family in town and unfortunately almost all of us got the stomach virus which I am sure I have talked about enough on my facebook page and today seems like it is just starting all over again with my daughter. However, after days of not doing P90X to recover I am determined to get it done today.  I went to Target yesterday to get  some birthday invitations for my daughter's birthday party and I found some really cute day planners for $3.98, Perfection!  I think it will be really good to keep track of what my P90X schedule because last week I got mixed up and did one of the workouts on the wrong day which I am sure doesn't matter TOO much but I just want to keep track of it.  Since the calendar days have ample space for writing I also wanted to keep my measurements in there for the month.  I think this will be the best way to track my progress.  In high school I was absolutely terrible with day planners, I wasn't that girl with all the cute binders and neatly organized papers.  I usually stuffed all my papers in my book and by 3 weeks into school I had stopped using that planner and it was in my backpack somewhere. I'm hoping since I am much more organized now that I can keep up with this new method of tracking workouts. We will see!

Also, while I was at Target I picked up some new tea.  Do you drink teas? I absolutely love them and I really think that if you can get supplements through a tea it limits how many vitamins you have to buy.  I am a huge supporter of vitamins and supplement timing,  getting the vitamins in at the right times to get maximum benefit, but also drinking an herbal wellness tea can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.  Yesterday, I bought Celestial Seasonings Sleepy-time Wellness Tea,  I had another brand of wellness tea but it wasn't combined with sleepy-time.  I wanted to try this tea to see if I liked it better than the previous one.  Drinking this tea about 30-45 minutes before bed was so relaxing.  During the day I will sip on green tea, sometimes a spicy chai tea (not a chai tea latte), and chamomile. I am always in search of new teas so if you have any recommendations let me know!

My new day planner I bought at Target for $3.98! They had a lot of different patterns but I love cream and gold together and of course stripes! 

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