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Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's Thursday Thirstday! Drink your water ladies! Water is so vital to having a healthy body that I hope you all are getting your 8 glasses per day. I try to have a glass of water next to me all day to make sure I get it all in. What do you do to make sure you get your water?

I accidentally got confused this week on my P90X and did Stretch X on Tuesday instead of Kempo whoops!! Stretch X was super relaxing though it was what I thought the Yoga would have been like but I was wrong! I was terrible at the yoga so I'm going to have to try that one again and try to relax more.  The truth is, I'm not good at letting everything in my mind clear out.  If you are good at that give me some guidance because I have way too much on my brain for that.  I enjoyed Stretch X though I felt way more relaxed with that one besides relaxed my very sore, achy muscles felt amazingly better after it.  Wednesday I did the Kempo which was actually really fun and the workout seemed to go by really quick!  I didn't think I was going to be this addicted to these workouts but really I kinda am.

Another thing, I go through these weird phases with my body where sometimes I feel like I'm really hungry and then other weeks I don't eat much. Do you go through that? Here recently I've been eating just a tad more and I have also been super critical of myself, which I do not like one bit. Why do women have to be critical of their bodies? Oh but I am. I was actually doing really well for a few months being completely happy with everything and then after the holidays (which I did not over indulge, but I did not exercise as much as I was) I have gone back to thinking oh I wish this part was smaller and this was more toned. It's just a cycle with me and I'm not all that proud of it but I figure I should be truthful because maybe you are like that too? so I am not alone? bahh I really wonder if there will ever be a day when I just say I am happy, The End. OR if I will always be chasing something that is unattainable.  I don't know but since this is my blog and I'm a real woman I figured I would share.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Oh and please don't worry I don't have body dismorphia, I don't need counseling or anything like that it really is just how I am with most things in life. I critique everything including myself and my work. I'm sure most of you can relate.
*On to more positive thoughts now*

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