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Thursday, January 24, 2013

SIze 0, so Controversial

Size 0 too thin or just right for some? First I must say that a size 0 looks different on everyone. Just because you are a size 0 does't automatically mean you are skin and bones. Over the last 10 years there has been much debate about the infamous size 0 and even worse 00 mainly with the high fashion models being 5'10 and weighing 110lbs therefore being a 00 and entirely too thin. Here is my thing with the whole size 0 thing, if you are petite say 5'2-5'3 and under a size 0 is actually the size most appropriate for you, because for someone your height your target weight is about 115lbs or less*.  Yes that is small and it is ok if you are over that but if you look at any of the charts of height to weight you will see where I am getting my numbers.  I am 115lbs and a medium frame I wear a size 0 in almost all brands and I don't look anorexic at all. I simply look completely average because I am 5'2 and at a healthy *average* weight.

Here is my next point about size 0 and 00 as America has seemingly gotten bigger so have the measurements of women's clothes. A size 6 in the 1950's is more like what we now know as a size 2 today.  In UK sizing the lowest clothes size is a 2 or 4 and that is because the clothes are cut smaller.  Vanity Sizing particularly in high end clothing has become popular as American women have become bigger and companies want to sell more high priced jeans. Research shows when a woman tries on a size 0 pair of jeans she is more likely to buy them with that sweet little number on the tag.  The woman automatically feels more confident and thin in those jeans so you better believe they are going home with her.  Today's size 0 isn't truly the same as small as you think due to vanity sizing.

In following, size really shouldn't be your goal at all, your goal should fall on health. Whatever weight is healthy for your height and frame. Remember to keep your goals in proportion to reality what is really attainable for YOU!

Have comments or opinions on this controversial topic? Start the conversation in the comments below!

*Height to weight charts vary somewhat and some now include body frame measurements.

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