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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grandparents and Kids Healthy Lunch Box

Do you have trouble disciplining your child when the Grandparents are around? My daughter tends to disobey a little more when she's around my parents because she knows my parents won't say anything to her and well to be honest they spoil her. I remember as a child these same parents were strict with us because they didn't want us to misbehave and become unmanageable.  I have explained many times to both my mom and dad that if I let my daughter do what she wants it will be a lot worse for her in school and later on in life and that is why she must be taught the proper ways to behave. My mom seems to get it but my dad insists on giving her treats even if she doesn't deserve them. It's kind of a hard situation because I know my parents don't mean any harm  but they just love to spoil her since she is the only grandchild. 

I don't necessarily need advice just wondered if anyone else goes through this with their parents? 

Healthy Kids Lunch Box Idea
Divided Style kids plate or Bento Box Style covered plate
Whole Wheat or Gluten Free Bread 
Cheddar Cheese 
cherry or grape tomatoes 
to go unsweetened apple sauce (or fruit pouch of choice) 
drink of choice

1. Combine bread, turkey, and cheese into a sandwich. I like to use a cookie cutter to have fun shapes for my child. 
2. In one of the side pockets of your plates place cherry or grape tomatoes (these varieties of tomatoes are more kid friendly because they are small, and sweet. 
3. In another side part of your plate place  the unsweetened apple sauce pouch or fruit of choice. 
4. 1 small cowboy cookie will make these meal truly scrumptious. 

*This is my take on a healthy kids lunch box! I hope this helps* 

This is the plate I use and it is BPA-free :)

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